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Steve / Horace

@Gil, maybe I'm missing the whole point (wouldn't be the first time). Are we talking about the online NYT Xword as a competition? I think an actual competition, supervised in some way, should have well defined rules that all follow(like the marathon example). But I think an app I can purchase cheaply, that has no explicit rules I know of, and that I can use any way I want is not really a competition any more than facebook polls are polls.




the new york times publishes a dictionary so it must be legal to look up answers by google, almanac etc.

Gil Fitzhugh

If you're just doing puzzles for your personal enjoyment, hey - whatever you enjoy, works. But Isn't Googling in a competition equivalent to riding the metro for part of the Boston marathon?

Steve Durfee

Answer c.

I use the New York Times Xword app for the ipad. I'm assuming that you're referring to the way that app posts statistics (or the NYT website, which I don't have access to). In the app, I have no control over whether my time gets posted to the statistics.

If that is the case, then my answer is c, with leanings toward d. I don't believe it can possibly be unethical to enjoy a game I paid for the way I choose to, even if it means looking up every word (see what time you get doing that!). It would only be unethical to lie about it. People who post impossible times (like 3 seconds or 1 minute) by solving the puzzle offline and then typing quickly are the unethical ones.

Thanks for asking this. I do look answers up when I get stuck and feel absolutely no remorse about it.

Steve/ Horace S. Patoot

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